Highlighting KÖNIG’s innovative Approach to Brewing

State-of-the-art 100bbl fully automated production brewery in Tillamook OR was built with KÖNIG Systems innovation and designed to improve end-product consistency, energy savings, reduce waste, and enhance the overall efficiency of the brewing process.

System features:

  • Patented wort rectification technology – quickly reduces DMS allowing for reduced boil time and energy consumption.
  • External boiler – efficient, fast heat-up, and batch size flexibility.
  • Insulated vessel tops for safety and reduced brewhouse ambient heat gain.
  • Process piping designed for fast transfers and in-process CIP.
  • Wort chiller designed for 20-minute knock out.
  • Capable of producing 120 bbls of 18 plato cold wort.
  • Custom layout to fit tight space restrictions.
  • Efficient and quiet while operating.

“The number of companies that do this work (at this size) is small. KÖNIG was the clear choice.”

– Martin Bills Director of Brewing Operations