Building a Brewery: Snakes, Sub-Zero Temps, and Sushi

Jimmy from Beer Sessions Radio brings in Brad McQuhae and Balbir Sidhu from Konig Brewing Systems in Abbotsford, BC, and John Legnard from Blue Moon Brewing at the Molson Brewery in Montreal, Quebec, join Jimmy to discuss some stories from their achieves, including dealing with snakes and rats in breweries, working just below the arctic circle, eating out in Japan, and mastering a brewing system in a 100-year-old baseball stadium. Alongside Brad, Balbir tells us how he started as an engineer and about a particular project he worked on in a hockey arena early in his career. The gang has been in the industry for decades, taking us back in time for a glimpse of what early craft brewing looked like in the 90s. John also reveals the secret weapons Brad and Balbir bring to the table, as well as the highly detailed checklist you need to map out before building a brewery.